Describe level of experience with our EHR (years of experience by the team assigned to our organisation)

We have been working with major EHRs since the 2006. The assigned team to your organisation will have a minimum of 5 years of experience in your EHR

For how many speciality medical practices does Vsquarish Inc currently furnish claims submission and related billing services?

Vsquarish Inc had done end­to­end Billing & RCM service for speciality practices and all have appreciated our service. Vsquarish Global Solution's team has more than 10 years experience in almost all the speciality. Vsquarish Inc's Certified Coders and several Project Managers as high as 19 years of experience in managing speciality clients.

For how many years has Vsquarish Inc been in business?

Since 2010

We are meticulous and follow up on all claims

Our professionals have many years of experience; we put this experience to use to get your claims paid. We are meticulous and follow up on all claims. You can turn the worry over to us.

Vsquarish Inc