Payment Automation Network, Inc. and its clients are fully compliant with all HIPAA Medical Billing Outsourcing standards. We are constantly monitoring this legislation to determine appropriate adjustments needed to maintain compliance.

Do You Know What it takes to be HIPAA Compliant?

  • HIPAA Compliant Software
  • Data backup and storage (Offsite Facility)
  • Data Disposal
  • To provide a continued engagement of the core team in each clients processes to build lasting relationship.
  • Disaster Recovery (fire, flood, Hurricane)
  • Facility and Software Security
  • Trained, Authorized and Knowledgeable employees and maintenance personnel

The Solution Nationwide Electronic Medical Claims Filing and Medical Billing Services by payment Automation Network, Inc.

We are meticulous and follow up on all claims

Our professionals have many years of experience; we put this experience to use to get your claims paid. We are meticulous and follow up on all claims. You can turn the worry over to us.

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